Pet Odor Elimination for Synthetic Lawns in Pompano Beach, FL

Pets love synthetic lawns! It’s also amazingly easy to keep your synthetic turf clean, but pet smells can build up over time. If you’re noticing an offensive pet smell, then we have the perfect solution for you. We offer pet odor elimination for synthetic lawns in Pompano Beach, Fl.

Our pet odor elimination service uses URICIDE, the 100% natural solution to completely eliminate pet odors of all kinds.

DIY Pet Odor Elimination

DIY Pet Odor Elimination | Pompano Beach, FL - DurafieldIf you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, you can purchase URICIDE directly from us.

There is no product on the market that compares to URICIDE. We include everything you need, including the sprayer, making it incredibly easy. Our goal is to make you a happy customer and this is the very best product for odor elimination on artificial turf.

Contact us today to order URICIDE!

Full-Service Odor Elimination by Durafield

Let us do the work for you! Have your entire yard treated with our pet and child-safe odor elimination solution.

Our full-service odor elimination team will come out and completely cover your artificial turf to eliminate all pet odor smells. This includes urine, feces, wet-dog smell, vomit, and saliva. URICIDE uses bacteria that only targets the proteins that produce the offensive odors and is completely safe for use around trees, bushes, flowers, and real grass.