Artificial Grass Solution for Your Pet

Artificial Grass Solution for Your Pet
Are you tired of your pet ruining your well-manicured lawn? If so, then artificial grass for dogs may be the ideal solution. Our DurafieldĀ® artificial substrate is designed to look just like lush, freshly cut grass so it blends tastefully into your natural grass. Here are some of the other benefits of using artificial turf for your dog.
Are you tired of your pet ruining your well-manicured lawn? If so, then artificial grass for dogs may be the ideal solution. Say goodbye to urine spots and digging.

Advantages of Artificial Turf for Pets

  • Say goodbye to urine spots and digging
  • Reduce muddy floor clean-ups
  • Eliminate a natural home for pests, ticks and fleas
  • Bug resistant – no fleas, cinch bugs, ticks, or other pests
  • Non-toxic and lead free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for pets
  • Natural looking

No More Spots

Pet urine kills grass, leaving behind yellowed or bald patches. This turns your lawn into an eyesore and makes maintenance more labor-intensive. Furthermore, even if you re-seed these areas, you’ll never be rid of the problem as long as Rover goes on the living grass.

No More Mess

Letting your pet go on the lawn means more housekeeping for you. Dirt and debris become tangled in their fur while their paws become caked with mud and soil. When you let them back inside, they track this mess all over your home. Synthetic grass avoids this problem entirely, saving you hours of needless pet grooming and housework.


Artificial grass for dogs is more hygienic than allowing your pet to go on the lawn. Its high flow drainage and non-absorbent design makes cleaning a breeze and helps control odors from pet waste. Anyone who has ever had to collect pet waste from their lawn will appreciate this convenient feature. In addition, this synthetic grass reduces your pet’s risk of contracting parasites. Ticks, mites and worms often get on pets from contact with soil, grass and plants. However, they’re unable to live in artificial materials.


Artificial grass is made from strong, durable materials. It withstands the elements, heavy use and pets that have a tendency to chew or dig. The high quality construction also means you won’t have to keep replacing it year after year, saving you money over the long term.

Safe for Pets

Artificial turf is safe for any size, species or breed of pet. Furthermore, it requires none of the pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers often used on lawns. Many of these substances have been known to cause chemical burns and other serious health problems in animals, so minimizing your pet’s exposure is important. Artificial turf’s safety makes it a superior alternative to the real thing. No crumb rubber used on any of our infill options.