Swimming Pool Artificial Turf Solutions

Swimming Pool Artificial Turf Solutions fort lauderdale fl
A swimming pool is a favorite area for fun, entertainment and relaxation. Swimming pools are a focal point in commercial landscaping and residential landscaping. Grass around pools poses a maintenance challenge. Durafield solves the problems.

Product Highlights

  • 15 year product warranty depending on application, and 2 year installation warranty
  • Non-Toxic and Lead Free
  • Pet Safe
  • Bug Resistant (No Fleas, Ticks, Chinch Bugs or Other Pests)
  • LEED Certified Product

Check out photos of our various swimming pool applications. A maintenance free, worry-free backyard is the perfect solution for your outdoor pool.
Consider this: Soil is prepared before planting grass seeds. One type of grass may be for shade and another for full sun. The grass may grow unevenly, and bare spots need reseeding. Grass needs fertilization to remain healthy, and pesticides are applied to prevent disease. Improper applications harm the environment.
It takes time for grass to grow healthy enough to withstand regular foot-traffic. Weeds invade lawns, and the grass needs mowing. Lawns require consistent watering, and watering lawns accounts for 60 percent of all water use throughout the U.S. In addition, lawn maintenance is time consuming.
Durafield Durafield® artificial turf is an ideal solution. Once the ground is prepared, there is no need to wait for proper growing conditions. Artificial grass swimming pool landscaping is virtually maintenance-free. Our artificial grass landscaping around swimming pools looks vibrant and inviting while eliminating the need for chemicals, fertilizer or watering.
Our synthetic lawn maintains its height so never needs mowing. The color does not fade. It does not attract pests so never needs insecticides. Durafield® artificial grass is biodegradable and includes recyclable components. The backing allows the artificial grass to remain upright and water to flow through quickly. Maintenance is minimal.
Durafield Durafield® artificial grass is environmentally friendly, durable and soft on the feet. It is safe for children, pets and anyone with allergies. It’s non-toxic, lead free, and pest free. Safety around pools is always a concern. Our artificial grass is slip-resistant and meets rigorous fire safety requirements. No crumb rubber used on any of our infill options
Synthetic lawn is a popular choice around a swimming pool for new and replacement commercial landscaping and residential landscaping projects.
Our artificial grass replacement for pool decks looks fabulous. Artificial grass replacement for concrete pool patio feels soft. Artificial grass replacement for brick pool patio is slip-resistant. Our artificial turf is easy to install and can be placed over any hardscape.
Commercial landscaping and residential landscaping adds beauty and value to a property. Every element is carefully considered. Focal points, balance, comfort, contrasts, blending, excitement and calm all blend to create a landscape that is unique. Lawns must be maintained with routine watering, fertilizing, mowing, weed control, reseeding, aerating, pesticides and more. Installing Durafield low maintenance artificial grass eliminates the chores, and the lawn looks great throughout every season.