Tree Well & Side Walk Restoration

Lower Maintenance and Liability Costs & Promote Healthier Tree Growth!

We deliver comprehensive, environmentally responsible solutions in challenging urban settings. Our Tree Well Surfacing lower maintenance costs while promoting healthier trees by allowing more water to flow freely through to the root system.

  • Promotes healthier tree growth through a more solid root baseby allowing more water, air, and nutrients to pass thru, promoting downward root growth.
  • Highly Porous: 27% Porosity. 5,800 gallons per sq. ft/ per hour permeability.
  • Reduces trip hazards that lead to possible insurance liability claims.
  • Creates larger walking area / ADA compliant
  • Eliminates maintenance Common with Metal Grates. (trash collecting in tree surrounds)
  • Pour In Place material fits any shape
  • Flexible, will not crack, even in freeze/thaw conditions
  • No brittle edges
  • Variety of colors
  • More economical than steel grates (approximately 1/3 cost)

Troublesome Tree Pits and Side Walks

Excavate around Tree and Root system. If possible, excavated down 4-6 inches. Root prune overgrown roots that pose a threat to pedestrian traffic and existing sidewalks. Back fill with weed fabric and drain gravel.

Install Flexible Porous Paving Material to meet current conditions, elevations, and obstructions.