Synthetic Grass Golf and Backyard Putting Greens in West Palm Beach, FL

Putting Green Installation in West Palm Beach, FL

Durafield specializes in synthetic grass golf and backyard putting greens in West Palm Beach, FL. If you are searching for just the right putting surface for your golf course or backyard putting green in West Palm Beach, FL, consider synthetic grass coverings. Synthetic grass golf putting greens are the wave of the future. No matter what the season or weather, they are always ready for a good game. They never need watering, which saves tremendously on utilities, and they stand up to the roughest play without damage or difficulty. Best of all, they are always green. They are also safe, as no crumb rubber is used on any of our infill options.

Golf & Putting Greens Photo Gallery

Check out photos of our backyard putting green and golf applications. Convenience that is hassle and maintenance-free that is perfect for every golfer.

Advantages of Artificial Turf Putting Greens

  • Improve your game whenever the mood strikes
  • Consistent and natural roll
  • Bug resistant – no fleas, cinch bugs, ticks, or other pests
  • Non-toxic and lead-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Weather-resistant
  • Natural-looking

Durafield® artificial turf putting greens are designed for quality golfing, and it shows. The perfect and regular surface they provide will improve the game of whoever golfs on it. This is why an artificial putting green in West Palm Beach, FL is the surface of choice for PGA professionals, golf tutors, and all the best golf facilities around the world. Artificial surfaces are ideal for backyard putting greens as well. They can endure any sort of weather, they have no problems with droughts, and they are available in such amazing variety that the perfect selection for your home is guaranteed. It is easy to use Photoshop or other digital imagery programs to see exactly how the synthetic putting green will look and achieve a perfect match between green and home. Custom colors are also available for a truly eye-catching look.

Everyone can enjoy a good backyard putting green because it is as good for learning the basics of the game as it is for perfecting the putt. Nothing can beat the firm, secure grip your feet find on an artificial putting surface. It is safer, more attractive, and easier on the environment since it does not need all those pesticides and expensive maintenance. If you live in a drought-prone area, artificial putting greens are really the only choice. There is no need to waste scant water resources on grass that cannot possibly be kept green when you have a permanent solution right there before you.

The Durafield® synthetic surfaces we use for your golf course or backyard putting green are safe, non-toxic, and thoroughly tested. They provide a surface that is practically indistinguishable from a natural one but improved in every way. Artificial surfaces are the way to go if you want a good putting green in your backyard or if you have a golf course that you want to be the best. It will improve the game of everyone who plays on it and provide the owner with decades of enjoyment. Artificial golf greens are safe, worry-free, and fun. Contact us to learn more.