Artificial Turf Playground Solutions

Consider Synthetic Grass When Designing Playgrounds for Children

Our artificial turf playground solutions are fertilizer free and safe for your children. We specialize in residential and commercial playground applications.
An amazing landscaping solution, synthetic grass is excellent as a safe ground surface in children’s play areas. The top turf and the optional added underneath cushioning adds to the shock absorption that softens a fall. The products have a low impact on the environment. These ground surface materials cut down on allergies that come from grass, mold and bacteria that usually reside in lawn grass. Durafield® turf for playgrounds is safe for play, easy on the environment and a long-term and low-cost solution to landscape maintenance.
Durafield® turf for playgrounds is safe for play, easy on the environment and a long-term and low-cost solution to landscape maintenance.
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Safe Turf for Playing Children

Anyone planning and constructing a public or private, residential or commercial play area for children wants the place to be a safe and happy spot for active children. This playground turf is safe because of the following features:

  • Children are not exposed to the harsh chemicals found in fertilizers and pesticides used on grassy lawns.
  • The product is tested as child accessible to the standards of ADA/ABA.
  • The turf for playgrounds is safe for falls from heights as high as 12 feet because of its shock absorbing design.
  • The products’ antimicrobial and resistance to molds and bacteria is easier on those with allergies.
  • Grass allergies are not an issue with this synthetic material.
  • Bug resistant – no fleas, cinch bugs, ticks, or other pests.
  • Non-toxic and lead free product.
  • The even surface of the product is free from exposed roots and other tripping agents.

Environmentally Low Impact

Builders and landscape designers are in tune with eco-friendly options for yards, gardens and children’s playgrounds. For the best in easy landscaping choice, Durafield® artificial turf meets requirements for low environmental impact. In fact, some parts of these synthetic grass products are either recyclable or biodegradable. No crumb rubber used on any of our infill options

Low Long-term Landscape Care Costs

Because of the quality of the synthetic grass, the ground surface lasts for many years without costing money for upkeep. A clean product, keeping the surface clean is virtually effortless for the playground turf. The Durafield® product stays looking great with a good, even texture after years of use and heavy traffic from playing children. Low impact on the environment and meeting safety requirements, more playground designers and creators are turning to the quality artificial turf options.