Synthetic Lawn Repair and Maintenance in Pompano Beach, FL

Keep Your Artificial Grass Looking Great!

Even though the maintenance of your artificial lawn is far easier than real turf, it can still take a bit of time and effort. To keep it looking as good as it did the first day you had it installed, it takes a bit of upkeep.

It’s recommended to do regular maintenance on your synthetic lawn every quarter. If you want your lawn to look its best, why not have us take care of it for you? Learn more about our synthetic lawn repair and maintenance in Pompano Beach, FL.

Beauty Maintenance and Repairs

Want to keep your yard looking fresh? Let us jump in and handle your regular quarterly maintenance. Our team of highly trained artificial turf experts will keep your green area looking its best for years into the future.

Synthetic Lawn Repair and Maintenance | Pompano Beach, FL - DurafieldOur regular maintenance package includes:

  • Cleaning up yard debris and fallen leaves
  • Spray washing
  • Deep cleaning, heavy soil removal
  • Synthetic lawn sanding
  • Pet odor elimination (100% natural, pet and child-friendly)

We do it all without damaging the look or feel of your beautiful artificial turf.

Call to learn more and get a free estimate today!

Synthetic Lawn Repairs

With consistent use, even the most durable artificial grass will bend or may get damaged over time. It may be a small section or a larger area.

Whatever the damage, call us for a free assessment on your synthetic lawn repair. Our affordable repair service will restore your lawn to its best possible state.

Putting Green Upkeep

Synthetic Grass Golf and Backyard Putting | Pompano Beach, FL - DurafieldIs your putting green getting worn down with heavy use? Would you like your putting green modified to add challenge or variety? We can help you!

Whether you need annual maintenance or major changes made to your artificial turf putting green, we have the skills and materials to do it right.

Remove Pet Odor and Stains

Pet odor can become a serious problem if your artificial turf is not properly maintained. If your pet goes to the bathroom in the same spot over time, simply rinsing with your garden hose may not be enough. Especially in the heat of the Florida summer, bacteria can thrive, and pet smells persist.

We offer a fantastic Pet Odor Elimination Service that uses URI-CIDE® to completely remove pet odors. This 100% non-toxic, completely biodegradable product is safe to use around pets, children, and live plants.

If you are having ANY PET ODOR PROBLEM, we can solve it for you!