How Synthetic Grass Installation Can Combat the Environmental Crisis in Florida

Summary: Florida is currently facing an environmental crisis which affects its water supply, Estuaries and Coastal areas due to nutrient-rich fertilizers and pesticides from sugar growers which feeds into and then runs-off from Lake Okeechobee thru man-made canals not designed for this type of water discharges. Re-engineering the water run-offs from Lake O South to the Florida Bay would be the ideal solution, returning the Everglades to its original flow. Converting commercial and residential lawns to synthetic grass, especially those with direct run-off into coastal waterways would also be a very effective step to combating this critical statewide issue.
Florida’s environment is at a critical state, returning the Everglades to its original estate would be a mandatory requirement for our Governmental officials both at the State and Federal level. Fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides continue to be used with its unintended consequences of runoffs into our waterways all year round, and the depletion of its aquifers through saltwater intrusion due to lack of fresh water in the Everglades filtering into our Florida Aquifer. To top all of that off local wildlife is suffering from insecticide poisoning. A major thread between all of these problematic events is water conservation. The use of unrestricted watering of residential lawns, golf courses and other commercial installations of natural grass are adding to the environmental crisis. Florida’s ballooning population compounds and magnifies all factors.
artificial grass deerfield beach flIt’s easy to gauge the environmental calamity the state is facing just by researching facts, keeping informed by attending local environmental meetings and keeping up with reputable news referencing this issue locally. One story that frequently makes front page headlines is the algae bloom. Fertilizer runoff from commercial farms, big sugar, and residential neighborhoods make their way into the water in such a significant and consistent rate that algae bloom occurs. These toxic algae kill marine life and directly affects our economy as we are a tourism-based area which depends on selling our beaches.
Another dreadful piece of news that keeps on circulating is the saltwater intrusion into the Floridan aquifer. One reason this is happening is that it’s being overburdened by an expanding population that uses a third of their water supply to water their lawn as well as the above-mentioned water not draining through water dispersion from Lake O to the Southern Everglades. It’s utterly indefensible to deplete the aquifer to ensure that there are emerald green lawns across the state. Also, a significant concern is cities such as Deerfield Beach who refuse to allow Synthetic Grass in their City, this despite multiple reports, studies, tests and other favorable effects of Synthetic Grass Installation benefits provided to the city planner, commission and mayor wholly discarded without logical explanations. This must change soon, and this can be easily affected by citizen input and pressure on these officials.

“Decades of too much pumping and draining to provide both drinking water and flood control leave South Florida susceptible to “saltwater intrusion” – when the ocean moves in and contaminates underground freshwater sources.”
Miami Herald

The final crux in all of this is the poisoning of wildlife is by insecticides, as a result of insecticide runoff polluting marine habitats and spraying food sources with pesticides. No one could argue that a decline in Florida’s wildlife is a fair trade-off for perfectly manicured lawns.

“The United States Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that over 670 million birds are exposed to pesticide on farmlands in the United States, and that about 10% die immediately as a result. This does not include those that are sickened and die later, eggs left unhatched, or nestlings left to starve…Farms are not the only source of pesticide poisoning, of course, as pesticides are a common element of suburban landscape maintenance, too.’’
University of Florida IFAS Extension

artificial grass boca raton flCurrent landscaping water restrictions are not enough when the state has massive population growth. If Floridians genuinely want to do something for the land they love so much, they must do something that will eliminate the use of water for both commercial and residential natural grass. After all, the water in both aquifers is becoming more precious by the day. Is it reasonable to continue to tap into them to water golf courses and lawns? If future generations of Floridians matter, then the answer must be no. If it’s important for people to wake up to the song of the mockingbird, then Floridians must say no to natural grass lawns. If Florida is to continue to be a paradise like no other, then Floridians must say no to pumping fertilizers and insecticides into the water.
While the state’s environmental problem is multifaceted and has many causes, one of the solutions is a more effective way to conserve water statewide, and that begins with the installation of synthetic grass in both residential and commercial areas. Replacing lawns, golf courses, and sports fields with artificial turf would conserve an incredible amount of water and eliminate insecticide and chemical fertilizers seeping into the state’s fragile environment. This is possible because synthetic grass does not need to be watered or sprayed with fertilizer or pesticides.
artificial grass for lauderdale flOrlando Buitrago is the owner of Durafield, a synthetic grass installation company in Deerfield Beach and is ready to partner with local and state governmental agencies to create an initiative for impactful water conservation across the state of Florida. The installation of synthetic grass is just one possible solution. He’s ready to spearhead this initiative and champion successful solutions for the problems Florida’s environment faces.
The following news outtakes highlight the possible catastrophe if no one does anything for Florida’s environment.
“Because houses and malls drink a lot more water than farms and forests, what they found was eye-opening: A dramatic, and currently unsustainable, demand in the state’s most heavily populated areas, including South and Central Florida.”
Miami Herald
“We are concerned the future looks very dire for water in Florida,” said Cori Hermle of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
‘Meanwhile, discharges of polluted fresh water from Lake Okeechobee and polluted local runoff water from the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee watersheds have caused blooms of blue-green algae in downstream estuaries on both coasts.”
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Ritchie, B (2016). Report shows Florida’s dire water needs with population growth even with some conservation.
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More Artificial Grass FAQS

artificial grass fort lauderdale fl
Get artificial grass in Fort Lauderdale fl today.

We hope you enjoyed our previous installment answered the most frequently asked questions about professional artificial grass installation. Here are another round of questions and answers.
How long does artificial grass last? 
In most cases, a new artificial grass installation can last up to 20 years. As you can see, that makes artificial grass a wise investment.
Do you need some kind of drainage when you have artificial grass installed?
No, you don’t need any kind of drainage when you have artificial grass installed. In most cases, an artificial grass lawn will drain better than a natural grass lawn.
Can artificial grass be installed on top of concrete? 
Yes, artificial grass can be installed on top of concrete and on top of wooden decks as well.
How do you keep artificial grass clean?
It’s very easy to keep artificial grass clean. All you need to do is remove any leaves or debris with a leaf blower as needed. Also, if you have a dog, you simply hose off any pet urine or waste residue.
What happens when it rains on artificial grass? 
When it rains outside and you have an artificial grass lawn the rain will simply drain away.

How to Use Artificial Grass to Create a Play Area

artificial grass fort lauderdale, fl
Get artificial grass in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thinking of getting a professional artificial grass installation for your yard? That’s a great idea because it makes a great addition to any play area. Check out the rest of this blog post to find out why you should get installed for your family.

Artificial Grass Is Easy to Maintain

If you want a play area in your backyard that your kids can always play on, then artificial grass is a standout option. It’s incredibly easy to maintain, and needs no watering, weeding, or mowing. That means it always be in playable condition. Artificial grass never grows, so you won’t have to worry about tall grass obstructing the play area in your yard.

Artificial Grass Is a Safe Play Material

Artificial grass is a safe play area material, because you can have us install it will shock absorbing underlay material. Artificial grass also drains well, so you won’t have to worry about anyone tripping over a muddy patch of grass.

What to Include in Your Play Area

Here are some great additions to any play area:

  • Swingset
  • Trampoline
  • Play set
  • Bench
  • Sand box

A Theme for Every Play Set

You can easily give your play area a theme. Here are some we like:

  • A fairy play set
  • A princess play set
  • A dinosaur play set
  • A pirate theme set
  • A butterfly play set

We hope you found this information helpful and that you can use it for when you decide to get artificial grass installed in your yard. You’ll be pleased to know that when you use our services you’ll get a fair price, friendly customer service and a warranty on your artificial grass. What more could you ask for from your local artificial grass installers?

Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas

artificial grass deerfield beach

artificial grass deerfield beachWant to redo your lawn or yard with a professional artificial grass installation? You’ll be pleased to know that there are many options when it comes you landscape with artificial grass. Read this post and let your creativity flow.

How to Landscape with Artificial Grass

Let’s meet under a tree – Natural grass usually doesn’t grow well under tall trees because of the lack of light. That’s why we suggest having artificial grass installed there. It will be beautiful and green in spite of the shade. Artificial grass can be cut to create a clean circle of grass under your trees or any shape your heart pleases.
Edge the driveway – So often the dress that edges your driveway gets beat up, because it gets walked on or driven over. That’s not the case when your yard is artificial grass. Your driveway will be edged with artificial grass and therefore it will always look good.
Keep it dry under the fountain – Fountains are beautiful but mud is no fun. When you have natural grass surrounding a fountain mud will be created. The great thing is artificial grass solves that problem. Artificial grass creates no mud. So get the biggest fountain you can get. Your yard or lawn will still look great.
Pond perfect – Much like a fountain, a pond is enchanting, but it will create a muddy situation. So, forget about natural grass. Have artificial grass installed around it. Your pond will look beautiful and your landscaping won’t create extra housework for you.
Putting green please – Let your yard do double duty as a place for your family to relax and for you to play golf. That’s possible when you have artificial grass installed. Because artificial grass is so level and smooth, it’s a fantastic surface to play golf on.

Synthetic Grass Frequently Asked Questions

synthetic grass fort lauderdale

synthetic grass fort lauderdale Do you have questions about your next professional synthetic grass installation? You’ll be glad to know you’ll find the answers to your frequently asked questions right here. Keep on reading on you’re bound to hit on a question you have.

Synthetic Grass Questions and Answers

Does synthetic grass need to be mowed?
No, synthetic grass does not need to be mowed. You can get rid of your lawnmower because you won’t be using it anymore. Synthetic grass will always be the same length as the day it was installed.
Does synthetic grass need to be weeded?
No, synthetic grass doesn’t need to be weeded as it’s naturally weed resistant.
Does synthetic grass need to be watered?
No, synthetic grass doesn’t need to be watered. In fact, it never needs any water, so it’s a smart option of you live in a drought prone area.
Does synthetic grass save you money?
Yes, as a matter of fact, synthetic grass will save you plenty of money every month. It doesn’t require watering, so you’re water bill will go down. It doesn’t need to be mowed or weeded, so you want need to pay a landscaper to maintain your front lawn or back yard. It also doesn’t require fertilizer, insecticide or weed killers, so you’ll save money in that respect as well.
Is synthetic grass safe for homes with children?
Yes, synthetic grass is non-toxic and a safe choice for homes with children.
Is synthetic grass safe for homes with dogs?
Yes, synthetic grass is non- toxic and a smart choice for homes with dogs. It also doesn’t get urine burns, so it will outperform other grasses.
Does synthetic grass come with a warranty?
Yes, synthetic grass does come with a warranty when you use our synthetic grass installation services. Just call us today and we’ll let you know about the different varieties of synthetic grass that we offer.

Artificial Grass Installation Ideas for the Summer

artificial grass west palm beach fl

artificial grass ft.lauderdale,flThinking of getting professional artificial grass installation this summer? You certainly have picked the right time of the year. That’s because artificial grass will save you money all summer long. Here are some fun ways to use it in your yard or lawn.

How Artificial Grass Saves You Money During the Summer

While an artificial grass will save you plenty of money all year long in a variety of ways, it’s most obvious during the summer. That’s because summer is peak sprinkler time. With rising temperatures and sweltering sunshine, it takes an immense amount of water to maintain a natural grass lawn. Of course that will be reflected in your water bill and that’s no fun. The good news is no water is needed to maintain a synthetic grass lawn, so your water bill will plummet if you’ve been watering your lawn every day.

Cool Uses of Artificial Grass

Here are some fun and practical ways to have artificial grass installed in your home:

  • Putting green – Bring the golf course to back yard and have an artificial grass putting green installed. Four!
  • Mud free poolside – It’s great to have a pool in your backyard. The only downside is all of the mud it creates. That all changes when you have artificial grass installed. No dirt, so no mud. This will totally reduce all of the mopping you need to take care of during the summer.
  • Little sporting field – Do your kids like to play football, soccer, or baseball? Artificial grass makes a perfect playing field for those types of sports. Artificial grass is extremely durable and can withstand a pummeling. Simply put, it doesn’t need to be replaced at the same rate that natural grass does.
  • Easy flower garden – When you have artificial grass installed around your flower garden you’ll have a lot less weeding to take care of because artificial grass naturally repels weeds.


How Synthetic Grass Saves You Money

artificial grass fort lauderdale Summer has arrived and for a lot of people that means it’s time to garden and get their yard looking beautiful. If you’re like most homeowners, then you know just how much money it costs to maintain natural grass. It does cost a lot of green to keep it looking green. The good news is that you can have synthetic grass professionally installed and save yourself a lot of money. What you do with that money is up to you. Read on to find why so many homeowners are making the switch to artificial grass yard and lawns.  You’ll be glad that you did when you see how much money you can save.

Forget About Needing a Landscaping Bill

Synthetic grass is artificial and therefore it doesn’t grow. It always stays the same and is the essence of perpetual springtime. It will always be green and lush and never overgrown. This means it needs no mowing, weeding, or special attention. So, if you have a landscaper taking care of your lawn, you won’t need it anymore. That’s one less bill you’ll need to take care of, because synthetic grass takes care of itself.

No More Trips to Home Depot

Natural grass needs fertilizer, insecticide, herbicides, weed killers and more just to look somewthat decent. That’s a lot of trips to Home Depot and a lot of money spent just to get your lawn to look good. If you would like your lawn to look nice and save a lot of money, than artificial grass is for you. It needs no weed killer, fertilizer, or anything else like that. It’ll look good every day without your help. Pretty nice, right?

Slash Your Water Bill

Watering your lawn is making your water bill very pricey indeed. After all you’re pouring buckets of water on it every day with our sprinkler and a lot of that water ends up on the sidewalk. So, if you want to reduce your water bill say good bye to natural grass and hello to synthetic grass. The difference will be clear in your water bill at the end of the month.

Why Synthetic Grass Is Easy to Take Care of

artificial grass deerfield beach, fl
Are you thinking of getting a new synthetic grass installation for your home or office building? If you tired of the near constant yard work that’s required to keep natural grass looking good, than artificial grass is a smart move for you and your family. Read on to find out why so many people are choosing artificial grass over traditional grass.

No Mowing Ever Needed

Artificial grass doesn’t grow so you never need to mow it. It’ll always be the same height and it’ll never become overgrown. This is great if you simply don’t have the time or budget to keep your grass looking well-kept. Since you won’t have to pay a landscaper to mow your grass or pay for gas for your lawnmower, you’ll certainly save money every month by having synthetic grass.

No Fertilizers or Insecticides

Synthetic grass doesn’t require fertilizers or insecticides, because it’s completely artificial. This is very important if you want to maintain a natural lawn, yard, or garden. When you consider how much fertilizer an insecticide you have to pour on your lawn to look green and pristine, it’s easy to realize that artificial grass is the obvious choice for an all natural lawn.

No Weeding to Do

Artificial grass is installed in such a way that weeds don’t grow in it. That’s good news for your lower back if you’re the one who needs to weed your lawn or yard every weekend. The great thing is this in’t done with weed killers. The way artificial grass is installed naturally repels weeds, no weed killer needed.

No Watering on Your To Do List

Synthetic grass never needs any water. Not even a drop of it. You can be in the middle of a drought, and you’ll still have a great looking lawn. No watering required. It’s really that easy.
If the advantages of artificial grass sound good to you, call us today to find out more information about an artificial grass installation.

*Buy Artificial Lawn Turf

 Buy Artificial Lawn Turf

Excellent artificial turf in Boynton Beach.
Get artificial turf.

Are you interested in buying artificial lawn turf ? Would you like a sports field that looks great with very little work on your part? You’ll have exactly that when you replace your current grass with long lasting artificial turf today.
You see, a natural grass sports field need constant care if it’s to look good. It costs a lot to keep grass looking good in Florida because you have to constantly run the sprinklers. More and more people are looking for alternatives to that kind of situation and that’s why artificial lawnl turf football fields are becoming very popular.
The great thing is you don’t have to be married to your sports field when it’s made of artificial lawn turf. You can basically set it and forget it and it’ll look magnificent for years to come.

Why You Should Artificial Lawn Turf For Your Sports Fields

There are many different types of artificial lawn turf available on the market today. That’s because every lawn and sports filed has it’s own unique needs. A playground at a daycare wouldn’t need the same type of artificial turf as a high school football field. When you speak to us we’ll be happy to let you know what will be the best artificial turf for your sports field.

Cost of Artificial Lawn Turf

The cost of artificial turf is very affordable when you consider that you won’t need to maintain it in the traditional manner and that it will last for years to come. You won’t have to pay for irrigation or landscaping on your sports field when it’s artificial. That’s why it’s a cost-effective idea to instal artificial turf

Facts About Artificial Lawn Turf

You most likely have a few questions about synthetic grass. Here are a few facts about artificial lawn turf:

  • It stands up to many types of weather including the blistering hot Florida sun.
  • It’s extremely durable and perfectly suited to all kinds of sports.
  • It doesn’t require any mowing, watering, or weeding.
  • It’s better for the planet because it needs no toxic chemicals to look pretty and green.

Artificial turf is a great investment for your sports field and will pay for itself for years into the future.

Artificial Turf Field Benefits

You’re going to absolutley love having an artificial turf field. Here are a few of the many benefits:

  • You’ll feel more relaxed, because you won’t have to think about how your sports field looks.
  • You’ll have more time on your hands because you’ll have significantly fewer tasks to delegate for maintaining your sports field.
  • You’ll have a larger budget, because the costs involved in maintaining your sports field are going to plummet.
  • You can host more games because your sports field will never be muddy.
  • You’ll have one of the most environmentally friendly sports field in town.

Installing artificial turf  is clearly a smart choice.

Call us today to buy artificial lawn turf. It times for a hassle free sports field.