What is Durafield®

Our Durafield® Synthetic Turf with the newly developed Kool-Reflect Synthetic Grass Blades now being manufactured with an exclusive yarn fiber process which ultimately reduces radiant heat by 15 % (at least 20 degrees) over existing Synthetic Turf surfaces (SRI value of 33).

Cool Plus® Keeping you Cool

Cities and urban areas are 3 to 8 °F warmer due to the “heat island effect”. The heat island effect is caused mainly by construction and pavement, which is present especially in urban regions. The color and composition of the materials utilized affects the amount of absorbed solar radiation and therefore the surface temperature. This temperature rise can be estimated using a measure called the solar reflective index (SRI). Durafield® Synthetic Turf now with Kool-Reflect Blades with an SRI measuring 33 or higher as compared the standard synthetic lawn materials with an average SRI of 13.
Thermal comfort is a critical benefit to the Synthetic Turf in support of athletes and their ability to maintain peak performance while at practice or a game. Lower temperatures on the field results in better focus, more time for play, and lessens the likelihood of injury and burns.
The Day-Care facilities and Nurseries also greatly benefit from the cool technology for the children in their care, safety and the well being of the children are key performance elements of our new technology which parents and administrators will greatly appreciate.
The environmental advantage is that the land surface temperature is lower (by 15%) than currently available artificial turf options. Our awareness of the heat attributes of the traditional Synthetic Surfaces was pivotal in the development of Kool-Reflect Synthetic Grass Blades Technology which will affect all synthetic grass manufacturing in the future.
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