Cost & Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Homes, Dogs & More

artificial grassSynthetic Grass in FL

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you have a gorgeous lawn all year round? What if you didnt have to spend hours maintaining it? The wait is over, because you can have that and more when you get synthetic grass in Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, Boca Roton and any other surrounding area..
As you know keeping up with a traditional grass lawn can be expensive and time consuming. A synthetic grass lawn is completely different and that’s why its great. Your going to think about your lawn in a whole new way.

Synthetic Grass Cost

You’ll be pleased to know that synthetic grass is as cost effective as it is convenient. You won’t have pay any money to water it, fertilize it, or keep it mowed. That’s because it doesn’t need to ever be mowed watered or weeded. You’ll find that it pays for itself with all the money you save on maintenance. You can’t say that about traditional grass no matter where you happen to live.

Synthetic Grass and Dogs

Synthetic grass is a dream for dog owners. Gone are the days of brown spotty grass. That’s because dog urine does not burn synthetic grass. Your grass is going to look so nice people won’t believe you have a dog.
Your dog will enjoy your synthetic grass lawn because bugs can’t survive in synthetic grass. A good looking lawn and a happier dog is a great combination. That’s just one of the many reasons pet owners are getting synthetic grass¬† all over South Florida.

Synthetic Grass Benefits

Your going to enjoy your synthetic grass lawn. Here are a few things you’ll get:

  • You’ll have more free time because you won’t be out in the hot sun mowing your lawn.
  • You’ll relax more because you won’t have to pull weeds on the weekend.
  • You’ll have more money because you won’t have to water your lawn or buy fertilizers.
  • You can feel proud of yourself because pure doing something good for the environment.

You can finally have a picture perfect lawn and backyard when you have synthetic grass installed.

Why We’re Your Synthetic Grass Pros

No other synthetic grass company comes close to Synthetic grass. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • You’ll be happy with the unparallelled level of customer service that you receive.
  • You’ll pleased to hear to that you get a 12 year warranty on your synthetic grass.
  • You’ll only receive the finest synthetic grass available in Florida.
  • You’ll get a fair price for your new fake grass lawn.

There simply is no comparison when you get your synthetic grass installed by Durafield. Call us today.  You have nothing to lose.

Call us today for synthetic grass in Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, and Boca Raton!