TenCate XP Pro Blade Synthetic Grass Materials to Incorporate Heat Reduction Technology

TenCate XP Pro Blades Grass, the leader in components for synthetic turf systems, will make Heat Reflective (HR) performance standard on all TenCate XP Blade produced for the US market.

TenCate XP Pro Blade, since its introduction in 2004, has become recognized as the most durable fiber on the market and is now an even better performing fiber at no additional cost, offering heat reduction on warm sunny days.
The decision to provide HR as a standard feature of TenCate XP Pro Blade was taken in response to sharp industry demand for temperature reducing synthetic turf products.
Heat reduction with HR technology
It is widely known that temperatures can become elevated on synthetic turf surfaces on warm sunny days. TenCate Grass set out to improve the comfort level of synthetic turf users by reducing the amount of heat that can be absorbed by the turf blades. In laboratory tests, TenCate XP Blade with HR technology has shown temperature reduction of 17.5° F. TenCate is the first to offer heat reducing products without any additional cost.
Durability for High Use
TenCate XP Pro Blade has been installed on more than 3,500 synthetic turf projects around the world with huge success. TenCate XP Blade is the product of choice for any installation that will be exposed to excessive amounts of play. Produced through a proprietary extrusion process developed by TenCate Grass that greatly improves resistance to wear, TenCate XP Blade is precision engineered to provide field owners with the highest return on their investment.
Value chain management
As global market leader in components for synthetic turf systems (synthetic turf fibers and backing for synthetic turf carpet), TenCate Grass strives to achieve constant improvements in the qualitative aspects and service life of the sports pitches in which its components have been incorporated. In order to achieve these improvements, it is vital that the partners involved in the chain of production and installation of a synthetic turf system satisfy these stringent requirements. This can only be achieved through optimal collaboration within the value chain.